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Questions and Answers

In what form is the program that recognizes CAPTCHA codes sold?

For each type of CAPTCHA code we create an individual program, which is provided to the customer in the form of a console Windows application. Accordingly, it can only run on Windows. In addition, at your request we can create a DLL for XRumer intended for recognizing your CAPTCHA.

How do I add CAPTCHA recognizer to my program in PHP or C #?

In order to add CAPTCHA recognizer – use any modern programming language. For example there is a function EXEC in PHP. This function executes an external program, in this case CAPTCHA recognizer with parameter (the path to the image with CAPTCHA).

Functions similar to EXEC are available in all modern programming languages. Once again remember that CAPTCHA recognizer runs on Windows only.

Can I buy the source code of the CAPTCHA recognizing program?

No. Source codes of programs are not for sale.

What is your program's successful recognition rate?

Usually, for simple CAPTCHA (one font without distortion and rotation of characters) it’s 100%, for complex ones – from 60% to 85%. Percentage is different for each CAPTCHA code; if recognition program is created, the percentage of successful recognitions will be known. For a new program it is impossible to determine the percentage of recognitions with great accuracy.

How much time is spent on recognizing one picture?

Each CAPTCHA has an individual recognition rate. From experience: usually less than 1 second.

In addition, you can use multiple recognition processes at the same time and use more than one computer.

How do I pay for the purchase?

You can pay for the development of the program, or you can buy a ready-made program for Webmoney (WMZ). We have a Webmoney personal certificate. For development from the ground up you need to make a prepayment of 50% of the estimated cost, and pay the rest when the program is complete. For the finished program you pay 100% and receive it within five minutes, provided that you warned the operator of your desire in advance.

What are the terms of development of a CAPTCHAs recognizing program?

It takes from 3 to 10 days. In rare cases, up to a month.

How much does the CAPTCHA recognizing program cost?

The final amount depends on the time spent by the programmer; the rate is $ 15 per hour. Also, if you want to exclusively own the program, i.e. without resale on our part – multiply the sum by 2.

If you need a program for Linux, we will add to the cost of the adaptation of $100.

From experience: simple CAPTCHA price is $ 100, complex CAPTCHAs – $ 300 - $ 400, the highest price – $ 500. Of course, we are not talking about CAPTCHAs from Google or Yandex. In other words, if your CAPTCHA is distorted, has rotated characters, varied font size, etc. and you are not willing to pay 300 $ -400 $, you are not our client.

Before buying or ordering our CAPTCHA recognition software, do the calculations – maybe it is cheaper for you to use the CAPTCHA manual recognition service. Prices vary around $ 1 for 1000 of recognized pictures.

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